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About our Firm

Jacob G. Vigil is the namesake of the Vigil Law Firm, P. A. He has practiced law for 40 years, and is highly respected within the legal community. Throughout his career, Mr. Vigil has doggedly worked for justice with the goal of keeping families safe. He prosecutes trucking accidents, medical negligence, products liability, and other catastrophic injury cases. While every case is different, and it is impossible to predict the outcome of any case, Mr. Vigil has consistently provided his clients with outstanding representation and compensation. Mr. Vigil has tried over 100 jury trials since beginning his career in the late 1970’s, and his cases have received national attention for establishing favorable law for the public. He also personally handles any necessary arguments before the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

History of Success

For over 35 years the Vigil Law Firm, P.A., has been dedicated to handling complex damages cases. Our main areas of focus include catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases arising from medical malpractice, hospital and nursing home negligence, products liability, and trucking accidents. Vigil Law Firm, P.A., represents victims who have suffered injury or death at the hands of reckless corporations or individuals who must be held accountable. Our firm believes in aggressive representation for our clients and we hold ourselves to the highest degree of ethical professionalism.

Making A Difference

Our dedicated staff provides a personal approach to each case. Mr. Vigil carefully chooses his cases and personally handles each one. Due to the tragic nature and personal harm suffered by the clients he represents, he is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality in seeking justice. In addition to seeking justice for his clients, Mr. Vigil strives to ensure that injury does not happen again in order to keep families and the community safe. Often, a client’s story cries for justice when the existing law would not support a claim. The Vigil Law Firm, P.A. works to help develop the law at the Appellate level and even at the Supreme Court for the benefit of the general public.

The following is a sample of cases in which new precedence was established helping to keep our families and community safer.

How We Can Help

Developing Your Case

The Vigil Law Firm, P.A., has handled hundreds of jury trials, focus juries and settlements. Vigil Law Firm, P.A., regularly retains expert witnesses and consultants from around the country in a variety of fields depending on the case’s needs.

We pride ourselves on knowledge of the law, attention to detail, and thorough analysis. We have both the willingness and ability to invest the resources required in case preparation. Focus juries are an integral part of trial preparation and include presentations to mock juries.

Attorney Referrals and Co-counsel Relationships

The Vigil Law Firm, P.A., has handled cases in multiple states, and a significant amount of our cases are referred to us by lawyers from all around the country. We are proud of the fact that attorneys confidently refer cases to us or ask us to assist in representing their clients.

We carefully review and evaluate potential cases, and are willing to do so without cost or obligation to the referring attorney. For referrals please call, e-mail, or fill out our contact form. We value your trust and confidence.

Practice Areas

The Vigil Law Firm, P.A., focuses in the areas of medical malpractice, catastrophic personal injury, and trucking accidents.

This includes birth injuries, anesthesia errors, physician or nurse error, medical misdiagnosis, hospital negligence, and surgical errors.

Awards & Memberships

Below are a few of the honors and accolades received in recognition of excellence, confirming a position as one of the top firms in the nation.

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Address: 2014 Central Ave SW
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Phone: (505) 243-1706
Fax: (505) 842-1848

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