Most cases are settled before trial. It is far more likely that the opposition will try to settle out of court to avoid increased litigation related expenses.
Our cases are thoroughly researched, and prepared before going to trial, in other words: we do our homework. Additionally, Mr. Vigil and his associates have extensive experience in dealing with these sorts of cases and have amassed an impressive record of legal victories. Mr. Vigil has successfully tried over 100 cases in his career over the last 35 years.
When we are approached with a case we will extensively research the merits, and upon reaching a conclusion about your circumstances, we will propose what we believe to be an appropriate contingency fee. Due to bar regulations, we are required to charge fees for litigation; however, we are allowed to provide the required litigation expenses. Upon the successful completion of your case through settlement or verdict, we are allowed to recoup our expenses from the final judgment. In the rare event that your case is unsuccessful you owe the firm nothing.
If you’ve been referred from another lawyer, they generally are not involved with your case. This usually occurs when an attorney cannot or will not try your case for various reasons, and refers you to us, due to our extensive experience in this area. Should the attorney remain involved in the case for any reason, and incur fees, they come out of our attorney fees and are paid entirely by our firm. There is no additional cost passed on to you.
The legal profession is a highly-specialized field. If your attorney has referred you to us, it generally means that we are more capable of successfully trying your case. We have extensive experience in successfully prosecuting injury and wrongful death cases.
Unfortunately, there is no way to determine how long your case will take to complete. It depends upon the circumstances of your case, the defendant, whether the case goes to trial or is settled, and the number of involved parties. Keep in mind that we are paid on a contingency basis, which means that we don’t get paid unless and until you do. For this reason, you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure that your case is successfully tried with the greatest possible speed.
Vigil Law Firm, P.A. only accepts and pursues a handful of cases every year, and focuses entirely on those cases. For this reason, you can be assured that your case will be personally managed by Mr. Vigil and his staff.
Our firm only accepts meritorious cases and to determine the merit of your case, we will have to review all of the relevant facts surrounding your case in order to make a decision. Some cases will be clear, and we can provide an answer almost immediately. However, other cases are more complex and may require some investigation and research before we can determine the merits of your case, and as a result, it may take some time before we can provide a concrete answer. If you feel that your case has merit, please contact us today, so that we can examine the details of your case.

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