Day Care Liability

One of the unfortunate facts about supporting a family in our modern society is the need for both parents to work. Many families experience this, as a result, often parents find themselves relying on the aid and assistance of day care centers and babysitters to provide a safe, supervised environment for their children while they are away at work. Unfortunately, many parents learn that their trust was misplaced by those responsible for the safe keeping and well-being of their children. Tragically, for some families this betrayal of trust comes only after devastating harm to their child.

The daycare industry is a fast growing segment of American business and this may explain part of the increase in daycare related injuries. However, another explanation is that daycare facility owners have begun to protect their profit margins at the expense of children. In an effort to increase profits and reduce expenses, many daycare operators feel the need to take on more children than they can adequately supervise. Daycare operators also increase profits by hiring employees with little or no experience to avoid paying the higher wages a more qualified employee would demand. With only the bottom line in mind everything else comes second, including your child’s safety. Less stringent background checks may mean that predators that should have been weeded out right away can slip through the cracks due to simple greed.

If your child has been seriously injured while in the supervision of a daycare provider, you may be entitled to compensation. Your child’s life may have been placed in harm’s way as a direct result of the daycare center’s priority for profit over the safety of your child. Whether your child was hurt as a result of lack of supervision, inadequate training, sexual molestation, playground injuries, kidnapping or any other daycare related injury, demand justice and compensation for your child and family. Mr. Vigil and his staff at Vigil Law Firm, P.A., are among the most experienced, professional, and successful personal injury attorneys in the state, if not the entire southwest. Make your voice heard; know your rights, and contact us today to review your case.

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