Product Liability

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Product liability concerns any item purchased by the public that results in undue harm to the buyer. When you spend money on a product, you make basic assumptions about the safety and efficacy of the product you are buying. There is an assumption that all products go through rigorous testing processes and comprehensive safety reviews. Sadly, this is not always the case. Some corporations cut corners to get a product into the market as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Most often, it is critical safety reviews that are sacrificed in the rush for profit. Manufacturers may also use substandard or dangerous materials to fabricate their product in order to drive down the cost of production. If you or someone you know has been harmed by a defective product it is important to contact a lawyer because the lay-person may not realize that they may be entitled to damages. For example, the Vigil Law Firm, P.A. has litigated cases involving a full range of uncommon product defects, such as, faulty gas fireplaces that have caused neurological damage to clients.

The issue becomes even more critical when a product is intended for use by a child. Product liability cases can extend to your child’s daycare or school facilities, and the items that are used there; such as strollers, beds/playpens or toys.

Another common problem which has received significant media attention recently is the manufacture of consumer goods in China. While being made in China doesn’t mean a product will be dangerous, it is common for these factory managers to use hazardous, second-rate materials in the production process because they are cheaper than what the original designers intended. While the companies that contracted in China to produce these products may not be aware of the unsafe substitutes being used, it is their responsibility to supervise construction of their products and to ensure quality, even when outsourcing the manufacturing process.

If you, or someone you love, has been injured because of inadequate product testing, dangerous components, or old fashioned corporate greed, it may be appropriate to file a product liability lawsuit. If you or your loved one has suffered injury or death from an unsafe product, then you deserve compensation for your family’s suffering, possibly including punitive damages against the guilty parties. Hopefully, companies will someday learn that the public will not allow them to make and sell dangerous products, and with your help, we hope to make this a reality. The Vigil Law Firm, P.A., has successfully pursued hundreds of cases, many involving product liability, in the interest of obtaining justice and compensation for our clients’ tragic and needless suffering. Keep in mind that product liability may also extend to machinery and items that are used in the workplace, such as heavy equipment, or company vehicles. Product liability may also factor into premises liability cases, and you may want to review that part of our site as well if you have suffered an unfortunate accident as a result of using an unsafe product.

Jacob Vigil, the namesake of our firm and leader of our incredibly knowledgeable and experienced team, has over 30 years of successfully going after these dangerous corporate entities that peddle their hazardous wares to the public. We, at Vigil Law Firm, P.A., know what it takes to effectively prosecute product liability cases. To prove negligence on the part of the guilty party, we will assemble thorough documentation, visual aids for the court, and expert testimony from specialists. The specifics of each case will vary based on the incident, but you can rest assured that we will provide the most complete and professional legal services available.

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